The citizen's initiative to raise the minimum wage is in response to 10 years of inaction by the Idaho Legislature, the failure to have one public meeting in those 10 years, and the failure to vote the issue out of committee despite three bills introduced in the last six years.

The citizen's initiative has four main effects:

1)  It will raise the minimum wage in Idaho from $7.25 to $12 for non-tipped employees and from $3.35 to $8.10 (for tipped employees) in four incremental steps

2)  The minimum wage will then be tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI-W), so that wages will continue to keep pace with inflation

3)  Elimination of the so-called "training wage", which allows employers to pay a sub-minimum wage for 90 days, and

4)  Elimination of Idaho's "pre-emption", which currently prevents cities and municipalities from setting a minimum wage higher than the state minimum.  If passed by voters in November, cities will be free to set a minimum wage as they see fit.

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