This proposal is about seniors who can’t retire and parents who work endless hours away from their families. Most of all, it’s about women, who are most likely to work low-wage jobs and often struggle to provide for their children and make ends meet while taking home just $12,300 a year for full-time work. This is a family issue and a question of fundamental fairness.

It's about young college graduates with mountains of student loan debt and have had to accept low-paying jobs and are stuck in an endless cycle of debt and poverty. 

We have two choices:

1. Subsist in a state where many of our citizens work for poverty wages and must rely on government services to get by or …

2. Enjoy a state where workers earn a high enough wage to pull themselves out of poverty and no longer have to rely on government to make ends meet. 


Idahoans for a Fair Wage was formed to incrementally raise the minimum wage for Idahoans to $12 an hour over four years. We are a volunteer-run organization with no paid employees, no fixed overhead, and a registered 501c(4) non-profit. Together, we can lift working Idaho families out of poverty so that we can all prosper together.

For the last 10 years, the Idaho Legislature has failed to give Idahoans a raise. So, Idahoans are coming together to do something about it. Concerned community members from all across the state have come together to create Idahoans for a Fair Wage, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the minimum wage through a ballot initiative. In order to capture the voices of Idahoans across the state, we need your help. 

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