Rod Couch, President

Tex Beauchamp, Vice-President

Lou-Ann Couch, Secretary and Notary Public

Don Kemper, Coalition Director

Chris Stroh, Notary Public and Director of Petitions, Treasure Valley

Lisa Schaff, Kootenai County Leader

Kathy Dawes, Latah County Leader

Shelly Dumas, District 7 Leader

Jon Glick, District 8 Leader

Chelle Gluch, Co-Chair, Canyon County

Misty Dawn, Co-Chair Canyon County and Notary Public

Rita Sherman, District 16 Leader

Marji Bass, District 16 Leader

Lynn Schmidt, District 18 Leader

Carol Sevier, District 19 Leader

Lauren Ghazikhanian, District 20 Leader

Erin Zaleski, District 21 Leader

Diane Jensen, District 22 Leader

Sherrie Gregory, District 26 Leader

Tamara Code, Bannock County Leader

Meet the Team!

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