Living in Poverty Shouldn't be Normal

Anyone working a full-time job should not live in poverty! The United States is the world’s third largest economy, producing $19.4 trillion. Helping families live outside of poverty and with a livable wage is right thing to do!

Poverty has Become Prevalent

12.8 % of Idahoans lived in poverty in 2018! The official annual poverty rate is $12,490 for a single person, $16,910 for a couple, $21,330 for three and $4,420 for each additional person. Idaho’s low wages are simply not enough to make ends meet.

People Shouldn't be Trapped

Raising the minimum wage will allow women with children trapped in abusive relationships to escape.

Boost the Local Economy

Increasing the minimum wage will boost Idaho’s economy! Minimum wage workers will spend virtually every dollar of their new raises at local businesses. This influx of new money will lead to more demand for services and products, thus more jobs and more economic growth.

Reduce Reliance on Welfare

Increasing the minimum wage will reduce the cost of government social services. Lifting thousands of Idahoans out of poverty will help to reduce their reliance on state-sponsored social programs such as food stamps, public assistance, welfare, housing, healthcare, emergency assistance, and child services.

People are Leaving for Better Pay

Lack of a fair wage forces many Idahoans to leave the state to find jobs with higher wages! A minimum wage of $7.25 is so low it drags down other wages.  No young person should have to leave Idaho because they don’t make enough money.

Politicians Refuse to Help Idahoans

The federal minimum wage is currently $7.25 and has not been increased since 2009.  The Idaho Legislature has failed to address this problem for over 10 years.

Idahoans Can't Survive on $7.25

Over 250,000 Idahoans (39.6%) work for less than $12 an hour, which ranks as the highest percentage in the nation. The living wage in Idaho is $14.96 for a single adult while a head of household with one child needs $20.35.

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